IoPP Certification

Requirements to become an IoPP Certified Packaging Professional (CPP):

If you qualify with six years of packaging experience, gain industry recognition by becoming a Certified Packaging Professional (CPP). If you do not have six years of experience, contact the National IOPP Headquarters ( to discuss Certification in Training (CIT).

Register and complete any two of the following requirements:

  1. Pass an online open book, multiple choice test based on IoPP's Fundamentals of Packaging Technology text.
  2. Answer three narrative type questions from a list of ten.
  3. Write a new paper or submit an unpublished paper written on a packaging technical or managerial topic of your choice.
  4. Document six continuous years of active professional experience in packaging on a resume of Activities form.
  5. Submit proof of a sole-investor patent granted no more than five years prior to certification.

Successful candidates earn the "Certified Packaging Professional" or "CPP" designation to use with their names.